Tuesday, December 19, 2006

So, So, So Wrong.

Beloved Illustrator Jotto Seibold, known by most for his “Mr. Lunch” and “Olive the Other Reindeer” children’s books, recently had his eponymous website "jotto.com" purloined recently by some shithead cybersquatter.

For now anyway, if you go there, there's a crap online gambling site. I'm both pissed and troubled at the same time. Mr. Seibold was one of the first illustrators to exploit the possibilities of the web. It's painfully ironic that something like this would happen to him of all people.

The big question for me is, what kind of sociopathic maladroit finds pleasure in things like this? I'm trying to imagine the stank-breath cretin that did it: "After I’m done scratchng my balls here, I'm fixin’ to replace this sublime oasis of art and beauty with a f**king online casino, because there just ain't enough of ’em to go around…"

My current theory is that, on some sub-atomic level, it’s not enough for crap to fill only the empty voids of space, it must also corrupt and destroy anything that’s not crap.

For the time being, Jotto has set up a temporary URL with only a splash screen at quincythp.com, but in case you’ve never seen his work, you’re in for a real treat. Here’s a couple of quick links for you to check out.

_ Ready. Sit. Read.

_ Alice in Wonderland

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