Thursday, December 21, 2006

Go Elf Yourself

Now I know that by posting this I'm playing directly into the hands of the viral marketing team at OfficeMax (and not those stuffed shirts at Office Depot mind you), but hafta say, in this instance, the fun-to-advertising ratio is more than favorable. The concept is clever and entertaining, the execution is top drawer, and the OM logo is a diminutive little tab down in the corner.

It’s a Flash site that lets you paste your picture into the head of a slightly rubenesque elf, and then watch him/her dance around like, well, a drunk guest at the office Christmas party.

My friend Kat Bauer first sent me this using her face, and I promptly tried it with my head, but then I remembered that I already had a video of me dancing like this, except I was in a French maid’s outfit instead of an elf’s—and I was covered in corn syrup (some of you might’ve seen it on YouTube…)

Anyway, I tried it again with Chrissy’s noggin and, voilĂ  — instant laff-riot!

On the flip side, it’s not hard to imagine this getting out of hand when college students, tired with using friend’s and relative’s mugs, turn to other body parts for the plump little sprite’s bean. Yikes...

H’ppy H’days

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